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Leftfield / Pinot Noir / Marlborough / 2018 /

Leftfield / Pinot Noir / Marlborough / 2018 /

Flamingo Recluse

The Flamingo Recluse has a gorgeous expression of colour in contrast to her shy nature. The introvert with a striking appearance who doesn’t want to talk about it, once she opens up, you’ll be in awe of her artistry.


Juicy little minxes strawberry and cherry playfully flirt with cinnamon and allspice, finally succumbing to the rich, warm and seductive nature of a supple leather chaise lounge.

$17.99 ea Buy 6: $15.29 ea


Imbibe on its own or devour along with pulled pork sliders.


The fruit was selected from vineyards spanning the different sub-regions of Marlborough and picked in the cool of the morning to preserve the freshness of the fruit. The parcels of fruit were lightly de-stemmed with whole berries going to open top fermenters for a five-day cold soak to extract colour and tannin. Fermentation involved gentle plunging twice a day to submerge the cap before the young wine was drained off to barrel and tank to rest before spring malolactic fermentation. After 10 months of ageing, the parcels of wine were blended and bottled..