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Leftfield / Rosé / Hawkes Bay / 2019 /

Leftfield / Rosé / Hawkes Bay / 2019 /

Moon Shell Moth

A wild child with a gypsy soul, there is art in her madness. This extroverted Lolita has a sophisticated elegant side prone to contemplative soul-searching. A true free spirit. Live free and make your life art.


Strawberry, cranberry and crunchy raspberry are jubilant and excitable. They bounce off the walls with brightness and freshness. Their more serious side advocates a richer, sophisticated and slightly drier personality.

$17.99 ea Buy 6: $15.29 ea


Imbibe on its own or devour along with seared salmon.


The 2017 Left Field Rosé is a unique blend of Merlot, Pinotage, and Arneis. Upon arrival at the winery, the red fruit was crushed to the press to extract vibrant colour and flavour from the skins. The juice was then drained, clarified and fermented in stainless steel tanks. Fermentation was conducted at cooler temperatures to ensure the retention of bright fruit aromas and stopped with a small amount of residual sugar to provide balance to the palate. The white wine of Arneis was blended back with the Pinotage and Merlot Rosé to add a lovely floral aroma to the wine.