Left Field

Our whimsical approach to exploration, creativity and imagination is embodied in Left Field wines. It is the birthplace of the unexpected, the weird and the wonderful.

Left Field / Hawkes Bay / 2019 / Pinot Gris

Ripe apple and the fuller figured pear saunter into view with lovely spice and vanilla trailing behind. They chatter in gentle, sweet tones.


Imbibe on its own or devour with seafood such as grilled prawns with fresh lemon.

$17.99 NZD

Left Field / Gisborne / 2018 / Albariño

Gorgeous little citrus flowers link arms with melon and peach to dance in the sunshine, always maintaining an air of class. Meanwhile lime lingers in the shadows vying for attention.


Imbibe on its own or devour along with a... $17.99 NZD

Left Field / Marlborough / 2018 / Pinot Noir

Juicy little minxes strawberry and cherry playfully flirt with cinnamon and allspice, finally succumbing to the rich, warm and seductive nature of a supple leather chaise lounge.


Imbibe on its own or devour along with pulled pork sliders.

$17.99 NZD

Left Field / Hawkes Bay / 2015 / Syrah

Delicate and lifted raspberry and blackcurrant mingle with liquorice and cardamom spice, inviting the sensual plum and cocoa to join their folly. Black pepper makes a brief but very welcome appearance.


Imbibe on its own or devour with grilled... $24.99 NZD

Left Field / Hawkes Bay / 2017 / Merlot

Nostrils applaud as plum and blackcurrant tussle with one and other, falling off a cliff and landing in a cloud of spice and vanilla before being wrapped in a rich warm cloak.


Imbibe on its own or devour along... $17.99 NZD

Left Field / Hawkes Bay / 2018 / Chardonnay

A handsome crowd including grapefruit, lemon curd and vanilla bean rendezvous at a discrete location waiting for the fashionably late arrival of naval orange and nectarine. The appearance of softly spoken oak concludes the gathering.


Imbibe on its own... $17.99 NZD

Left Field / Hawkes Bay / 2019 / Rosé

Strawberry, cranberry and crunchy raspberry are jubilant and excitable. They bounce off the walls with brightness and freshness. Their more serious side advocates a richer, sophisticated and slightly drier personality.


Imbibe on its own or devour along with seared... Sold Out

Left Field / Nelson / 2018 / Sauvignon Blanc

Passionfruit, nectarine and lemongrass parade before the beholder. Gentle scents of green herb and flamboyant tropical fruit arrive on the scene while a light footed streak of crisp vibrancy departs side stage.


Imbibe on its own or devour with... $17.99 NZD